Your guilty pleasures are soon to be public knowledge for Spotify users, with the streaming service introducing a new playlist that funnels in your friends most played tracks. R.I.P.

This scary yet hilarious new playlist option will be aptly named ‘Friends Weekly’, and is the latest entry from Spotify in their personal playlists for premium users, joining the ‘Daily Mix’ and ‘Discover Weekly’ playlists.

Peep the screenshot of how it will look below:

so there’s a “your friends weekly” playlist that has stuff everybody has been listening to, and we also have access to other people’s discover weekly playlists now

— kim gorgeous (@bajablast_babe) May 9, 2018

The playlist is currently being rolled out to users and will likely pop up in your app very soon. Are you willing to air those guilty pleasures?

(Source: PedTV)