One of the most musically talented producers right now, Sweater Beats, has recently teamed up with the great Icona Pop for his latest single “Faded Away”. The diversity of Sweater Beats’ sound shines by using a combination of Electro, Pop, and Future elements for “Faded Away”. You instantly recognize the vocals of Icona Pop as they take you on a journey of dealing with a breakup by ‘getting faded ’til you’re faded away’.

If you need a little visual help with the storyline, David Dutton directed one of the coolest music videos ever to guide you along. The arcade styled video uses a unique sweater themed character as the one dealing with the pain. In the end, the combination of Sweater Beats’ incredible production and Icona Pop’s catchy vocals, with the bonus of an awesomely animated music video, equals a recipe for one of the top picks of early 2018.

Sweater Beats – “Faded Away (Feat. Icona Pop)” is available now Big Beat Records.