Are you or do you know someone who considers themselves fairly clued into Sydney nightlife? This might be the job for you.

The City Sydney is currently on the hunt for members in a new panel that will come together to better Sydney’s nightlife. It’s about time, right?

The panel would be made up gung-ho nightlife lovers who “will provide expert advice on our nightlife and cultural policies and strategies. It will also advise on our initiatives and communication with creative, cultural and nightlife communities and other stakeholders.”

Speaking on the current state the city’s nightlife, Sydney’s Lord Mayor Clover Moore says “there is no escaping the fact that the NSW Government’s  have put the brakes on Sydney’s night-time economy… The lockout laws were a sledgehammer blow when what we needed was evidence-based policies that allow well-managed venues to trade as part a safe and sustainable late-night culture”.

Sydney is looking for ‘Creative Nightlife Advisors’ to fix this mess
Keep Sydney Open has been protesting the lockout laws since they were introduced in 2014

She went on to add that “We will keep advocating for changes to the laws, but in the meantime we need government, business and industry to work together to identify practical ways to boost our night-time culture and support businesses operating in the night-time economy.”

This is where the panel comes into play.  “The panel] will help us understand firsthand the challenges and opportunities facing Sydney’s night-time economy, and advise on how we can engage with and bring together the creative, cultural, nightlife and private sectors to realise our vision for Sydney as an exciting and diverse 24-hour city,”

So if this sounds like something you would be interested, you can apply right . Get in quickly, applications close Feb 26.