If you frequent the Sydney nightlife scene, you’ve likely been serenaded by Ebony Boadu.

The local selector has become one the most in-demand DJs going around, following her run with FBi Dance Class that led to a huge string gigs including partaking in our Guinness World Record success in 2016 for the Largest b2b DJ relay. See more on that .

We caught up with Ebony ahead her set at this Wednesday night to get a glimpse at the music she listens to when she isn’t curating music for others. The playlist is made up a range tracks, fro artists such as

Speaking on her playlist, Ebony says “My playlist is compilation tracks I’ve currently got playing on repeat, it starts f with a few my favourite trap songs at the moment that I play to get me hyped up before a set, followed by some stuff out the UK a tiny bit dancehall then slows down with a few throwback tracks towards the end… It might seem like a completely random selection to some but encompasses most (if not all) my favourite genres music.”

Stream the playlist below.