After building an arsenal of slow-burning electronic pop jams, Sydney’s own Exhibitionist has returned with a mellow new single ‘Sway’. Constructed from creamy chords and delicate percussion, this track is a melancholic summer bop that seems strangely reflective whilst simultaneously bearing catchy pop tropes. Stepping away from the James Blake-esque contemporary R&B leaning past tracks ‘Hands’ and ‘Motionless’, ‘Sway’ demonstrates Exhibitionist’s ability to create a track thats as commercially accessible as well as bearing her signature blissed out sonic landscapes.

Beginning with a set of beautiful warm chords over a skittering percussive groove, the track transitions into a majestic chorus boasting swelling chords and an earthy bassline. The track then unravels further, stepping into more half-time territory, letting her earlier work shine through. Before unleashing the chorus for a second time, the track ascends into the aether, with a bed of angelic pads coupled with wailing vocals.

‘Sway’ is out now Future Classic. Stream it below.