If you’re an enthusiast for the colossal atmospheric soundscapes greats like Boards Canada, Tycho and Massive Attack, it’s likely you’ll be feeling this mesmerising new single ‘Mother’ from Bulgarian-Australian vocalist Ivana Kafedjiyska, currently recording under the project YSKA. With Sydney’s Guy Burns on production, ‘Mother’ is a haunting ballad that manages to find a smooth balance between light and dark, contrasting a ghostly guitar riff with reflective angelic vocals.

Beginning with a subtle guitar pattern coupled with dreamy vocals, the track develops into a landscape swelling guitar and reverberated plucked chords grounded by a driving beat. As the track progresses we are met with a blissful breakdown consisting a bed analogue synth chords and echoing guitars before reaching a beautiful melodic climax that serves as the grand finale. With such an cathartic debut single under her belt, YSKA has proven to be a promising new artist set to make a breakthrough in 2018.

Listen to ‘Mother’ below