Ravers HeatTale of Us Releases 'Error Error' Ahead of Fabric 97 Compilation

Tale of Us Releases 'Error Error' Ahead of Fabric 97 Compilation

Tale Us – Error Error

Since 2011 Berlin based duo Tale Us has steadily gained popularity for their haunting tracks and emotive techno sound. They released their debut album Endless last spring which was preceded by a few releases under their own Afterlife label. After dominating the scene with their Ibiza residency, Tale Us continues to bring techno to the forefront with EP releases by Vaal, Stephan Bodzin, Mind Against & Aether and Patrice Bäumel on Afterlife. To get the party started for 2018 the duo brings us their new track ‘Error Error‘.

‘Error Error’ gives us a taste what’s to come on Tale Us’s fabric 97 compilation. Hypnotic chords and pulsating percussion give the track its core sound. Layer by layer, the track builds into a dark and sinister roar, having just the right amount highs and lows to keep you hooked. Syncopated rhythms toward the end bring the track into a climatic point serving as evidence the duo’s iconic talent. The track will be released again on February 16 on fabric 97, but for now take a listen to ‘Error Error’ below.

Tale Us – Error Error

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