The Chainsmokers have shown that, despite their dance music roots, and hundreds thousands fans begging them to return to those roots, they’re going pop. Whether it was obvious on their debut album Memories… Do Not Open or their followup single “” (nearly a month ago exactly), it is infinitely more clear on their forthcoming single out tomorrow, “You Owe Me.”

Though we only have a 22 second preview at the moment, it should be easy enough to extrapolate the rest the song and determine that there’s no “EDM” in sight.

you don’t know me
don’t you think that i’d get lonely
it gets dark inside my head
check my pulse and if i’m dead you owe me

if you’re lonely
don’t you think you’re on your own
when it gets dark inside your head
check my pulse and if i’m there you owe me

“You Owe Me” is out tomorrow.