Words by Josh Pavlou / yeahsure

Globally renowned apparel brand, Levi Strauss & Co, has collaborated with Support Act to provide a new 24-hour well-being service to tackle mental health problems in the Australian music industry.

Support Act is an Australian based music charity, founded in 1997, which has “paid the rent, kept power on, repaired instruments, provided petrol, bought school uniforms and helped rehouse a prized vinyl collection,” for their peers within the industry.

However, after a number high prile suicides and detrimental rates mental health issues among the Australian music community, Support Act saw the need to introduce a service which could help those in need in even the darkest times.

Teaming up with Levi’s, a global leader in jeans, allowed Support Act to facilitate the new 24/7 help line, which is the first it’s kind in Australia.

Support Act Chief Executive, Joanna Cave, praised Levi’s commitment to the new service. “Levi’s involvement will enable us to reach the widest possible audience, using the most sophisticated channels, opportunities which we simply cannot afford on our own.”

Levi’s Australia & New Zealand Marketing Manager stated that the partnership made ‘perfect sense’ due to the company’s ‘genuine love music’.

This collaboration will go a long way to improving the general health Australian musicians and industry workers as well as setting a precedent for other multinational corporations to show their support for the music industry and mental health awareness in the future.

Remember, you aren’t alone… Speak up and seek help. Artists and music workers in crisis can contact Support Act on 1300 731 303.