In what some people are calling the blue-blood edition ‘check out my SoundCloud, bro’, a local DJ/presenter at London’s Reprezent Radio has injected human growth hormones into his balls and had a crack at DJing the Royal Wedding.

Reprezent’s Jevanni Letford took full advantage the royal visit from Prince Harry and finacé, Meghan Markle by slipping his business card to Hazza as he was walking by. What. A. Lord.

We cannot confirm whether Harry has taken Jevanni up on the fer as yet, however he was very welcome to taking the card and there was definitely a connection made between the two, if you ask me. Watch the exchange below and have a well earned laugh.

Good luck to you, Jevanni. Our hopes are with you on your venture to a Royal Wedding slot. For now, enjoy this photo Harry and Meghan reviewing one his mixes.

This legend gave Prince Harry his ‘DJ card’ in hopes to play the Royal Wedding