This week, we decided to give the Throwback Track a little loving twist.

As it is Valentines Day, what better way to spread the love than to revisit one our favourite tracks from our teen years, a track that no doubt soundtracked an awkward crush or your first love at some point during high school. I am talking exclusively about MGMT’s ‘Electric Feel’ .

Released as a stab against mainstream Pop by the relatively unknown, NY college duo, the song – ironically -saw MGMT skyrocket into the Indie-Pop limelight and was a stand out cut form their debut, critically acclaimed LP ‘Oracular Spectacular’.

Now over 10-years since it’s release, ‘Electric Feel’ still very much hits the feels, and serves as a catchy, sonic Valentines card to your special somebody.

Revisit it below, and hear MGMT’s brand new album ‘Little Dark Age’ .