The ficial anthem the dodgy older cousin who grew up in the 90s, ‘Addicted To Bass’ is an Australian dance floor classic that we gotta show some respect to.

Released ficially back in 1998 by Melbourne producer Josh Abrahams, ‘Addicted To Bass’ swiftly became a dance floor regular and an anthem for the local and international drum and bass scene, reaching number 1 on the US club charts and number 2 on the UK charts.

The track was originally released on Abrahams’ 1998 album Sweet Distorted Holiday, but released again on the album  – credited to Abrahams’ alias Puretone, as reported by old mate Wikipedia. They were simple time, petrol station sunnies weren’t ironic, and Aussie nightlfife was as hard hitting as it was thriving.

On the topic 90s dance music, check out thisfrom a Sydney rave back in 1996, and revisit ‘Addicted To Bass‘ below. Anyone still addicted?