Tiesto is always full of surprises. One of the most celebrated artists in all of dance music has skillfully maneuvered many transitions over the years. He started out as an icon of trance and slowly moved into the mainstream consciousness. Today he produces every genre under the sun and does so with massive success. Just last week we were in awe of his remix of J Balvin’s ‘Bum Bum Tam Tam’ and this week we have another unexpected surprise from Tijs.

Tiesto, Post Malone, Dzeko, and Preme – Jackie Chan

Tiesto was one of the first artists in dance music to experiment with rap crossovers. His single with 3 Six Mafia, ‘Feel it’, was a bit ahead of its time, and did not blow up with much popularity. But that just shows how forward-thinking Tiesto was in the late 2000’s. Now Tiesto has once again teamed up with a rapper. This time the result is downright spectacular.