The Resistance Arcadia Spider has traveled around the world with Ultra. When it was first debuted, everyone was excited to see the new stage platform. The makers of the spider managed to create a new out of this world creation once again.

The Reactor is a new indoor venue that is expected to blow the minds of everyone who witness it. It is said that it will be like “going through a portal into another dimension.” It is exciting to discover what this new indoor venue will be all about. Luckily, some people have now experienced this new amazing creation.

Last night, Boys Noize, Eats Everything, Matador Live, and Paul Woolford all performed in this new spectacular venue. Many more people are expected to experience this technologic venue tonight with performers such as Delta Heavy and Bad company. Many people should experience this one-of-a-kind venue when they get the chance. It is guaranteed that The Reactor will blow your mind.

Check out the teaser of The Reactor below.