Will K- Animal Pop

Will K brought the roof down with this new track. The Australian has done his rounds around the labels in EDM, seeing releases on Axtone, Spinnin, SIZE, Armada and more. His new track, ‘Animal Pop’, sees its release on Spinnin’s sub-label called Fonk Recordings. But make no mistake about it, ‘Animal Pop’ is a full sized beast ready to be unleashed on a crowd.

Will K clearly wanted to engineer a big sound with drums, drums, and more drums. The song starts off with a steady beat that immediately builds up into drop number one. If a zoo let all their animals out at once, the drop from ‘Animal Pop’ would be playing. The drop is complete mayhem that should get any crowd going wild. Get your dancing shoes on for this one. Will K’s ‘Animal Pop’ can be heard below.