You may not be immediately familiar with the artist ye. by name. But upon hearing his music, you will immediately be captivated. There is an innate whimsy to his productions that will captivate you from the first notes. The overall levity of his work is only juxtaposed by meticulously crafted melodies that are both uplifting by unexpectedly complex. In his latest release ‘Forever Side’, ye. has once again curated a vibe that is bouth adventerous and light hearted.

ye. – Forever Side

‘Forever Side’ is a tune relies on a few elements as scaffolding. The light and airy percussion of chimes throughout the song immediately instill the track with a sense of wonder. It is remiscient of tunes released off of Odesza’s Foreign Family imprint. They evoke imagery of the great outdoors, hikings in the mountains, and exploring the unknown.

Then the subtle but heavy bass is arranged in a way to not overpower the lighter elements of the tune, while still adding an added punch of character. The pensive use of bass reminds me of Ratatat’s earlier work, as it perfect ties things together while allowing the more intricate elements to shine.

Overall ye. has created something incredibly original and brilliantly fun with ‘Forver Side’ take a listen below.