Ableton has launched a new iOS app for on-the-go production

Note is built for on-the-go music creation, and is Ableton’s first foray into app-based music-making.

Ableton has today (18 October) released its first iOS app, entitled Note, which designed for musical sketching and ideating. Launched initially as an iOS exclusive, Note is billed as a place to “start ideas, experiment with sounds and find direction” as part of a music-making routine.

Note features many of the same devices that Ableton regulars are familiar with, allowing app users to jam using MIDI clips, sample, finger drum, automate and export projects to Ableton Live. With 261 synth sounds, 36 melodic sampler instruments and 56 drum sampler kits alongside a range of effects, Note aims to cater to the needs of a musician on the move, helping to “hone the skill of starting or ease into a creative headspace at the start of a session.”

Ableton has also announced that new features will be added in a series of upcoming updates to the app, increasing the functionality of NoteThe launch comes after the success of Ableton’s Link feature, which allows the desktop DAW to be connected to mobile apps for sequencing, sound creation and more.

Ableton Note is out now via the Apple App Store. Find out more details about Note below.




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