Allan Franzner Keeps Rock ‘n Roll Alive With Impactful Debut LP Who Pays The Price?

The recently released album Who Pays The Price? by talented musician Allan Franzner has been nothing short of thought-provoking, inspiring and revolutionary. In an age where pop has taken over as the most popular music genre, authentic musicians like Allan Franzner are destined to create their own expressions with the realest and most gruesome genre of all, rock, and the young rockstar manages to not only stay true to the genre’s ethos, but he also managed to create an original collection of impactful tracks. 

Allan Franzner is determined to always outdo himself and as a contemporary rockstar, he dabbles in between a couple of genres like heavy rock, alternative and surprisingly, modern pop. Franzner takes influence from the early 90s rock scene and implements his own sounds and mixes it all to convey his powerful and idealist messages.

The liberal multi-instrumentalist has a clear vision for his music and his goal is to use his musical skills to urge people around the world to make the needed changes; stopping climate change, neglecting capitalism and having equality for all.

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