Armin van Buuren and Goodboys’ ‘Forever’ gets the club mix treatment: Listen

Armin van Buuren and Goodboys have finally released the electrifying club mix for their track ‘Forever (Stay Like This),’ out now on Armada Music.

Renowned Dutch DJ and producer Armin van Buuren and British electronic music duo Goodboys have finally delivered to fans the highly-anticipated club mix for their track ‘Forever (Stay Like This).’ Originally released earlier this month, the radio version of ‘Forever’ was featured as the first track of Armin van Buuren’s ninth studio albumBreathe In. Now, with the release of the club mix, fans are treated to a reimagined version that takes the track to new heights.

The club mix of ‘Forever (Stay Like This)’ features Armin van Buuren’s signature production style, blending euphoric synths, pulsating beats, and atmospheric elements to create an immersive and high-energy experience. Goodboys‘ soulful vocals remain at the forefront, seamlessly integrated into the dynamic soundscape crafted by the legendary DJ. The club mix is a perfect balance between the uplifting melodies that Armin van Buuren is known for and the infectious vocal hooks that have become Goodboys’ trademark.

As Armin van Buuren and Goodboys continue to push the boundaries of electronic music, ‘Forever (Stay Like This)’ exemplifies the magic that happens when two musical forces come together to create something truly extraordinary. Before the club version, the official music video was also released, featuring the Dutch artist himself as a timekeeper to an hourglass while a man and a woman enjoy moments together. Be sure to check out Armin van Buuren and Goodboys’ ‘Forever (Stay Like This)’ club mix down below or on your favorite streaming platform! 

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