Armin van Buuren bridges Trance & UK House with new track ‘By Now’ with D.O.D & Laura Welsh: Listen

Armin van Buuren and D.O.D, two powerhouses in the electronic dance music scene, have joined forces for the very first time with their debut collaboration ‘By Now‘, featuring Laura Welsh. Their partnership stems from a mutual respect for each other’s musical endeavors and a shared curiosity to delve into uncharted sonic territories, bridging the gap between trance and U.K. house music.

Blending Armin van Buuren’s iconic trance melodies with D.O.D‘s distinctive house beats and Laura Welsh’s emotive vocals, ‘By Now‘ embodies the essence of contemporary U.K. house with a modern trance infusion. Both artists have kicked off 2024 on a high note, with D.O.D’s summer 2023 hit ‘So Much In Love‘ achieving BRIT Certified Gold status and Armin van Buuren’s ongoing success with his ninth studio album ‘Breathe In‘ and recent single ‘What Took You So Long‘ (with Gryffin), which harkens back to his musical roots. ‘By Now‘ marks yet another peak in their illustrious careers this year.

Reflecting on the collaboration, Armin van Buuren expressed his admiration for the U.K. house sound and his excitement to work with D.O.D on ‘By Now‘. He emphasized the limitless possibilities when it comes to blending genres, showcasing his enthusiasm for the project.

D.O.D, on the other hand, highlighted his recent experimentation with trance sounds and his delight in collaborating with a legend like Armin van Buuren. He praised Laura Welsh’s captivating vocals, which added depth to the track, and eagerly anticipated the reaction of their fans to this genre-defying collaboration.

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