Armin van Buuren & HI-LO drop eagerly-awaited collaboration ‘Now Love Will Begin’: Listen

Armin van Buuren and HI-LO have teamed up for a thrilling collaboration titled “Now Love Will Begin,” marking one of the most anticipated partnerships of 2024.

This groundbreaking track, which premiered on “A State of Trance,” emerged as a standout during Armin van Buuren and HI-LO‘s electrifying B2B performance at A State of Trance Rotterdam. Seamlessly blending techno’s pulsating beats with trance’s euphoric melodies, “Now Love Will Begin” invites listeners on a mesmerizing journey through both genres, setting dance floors ablaze with its infectious energy.

Reflecting on their collaboration, Armin van Buuren expresses his delight at the seamless synergy between himself and HI-LO, noting their shared passion for dance music. Their chemistry, evident both on stage and in the studio, culminated in the creation of “Now Love Will Begin,” a testament to their creative camaraderie.

HI-LO, also known as Oliver Heldens, echoes this sentiment, emphasizing the joy of collaborating with Armin van Buuren and the excitement of merging their respective musical styles. Furthermore, he describes the track as a meaningful fusion of techno, uplifting trance, and psy-trance, underscoring its ability to transcend genre boundaries and unite listeners in a shared musical experience.

Prepare to immerse yourself in the unparalleled fusion of techno and trance as “Now Love Will Begin” takes you on a euphoric sonic journey, where the essence of love and music intertwine to ignite pure ecstasy.

Stream the track below / via your preferred platform here.

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