Azealia Banks talks Galcher Lustwerk, NFTs and Larry David in new interview

Azealia Banks has spoken to Rolling Stone in a rare interview.

Banks’ breakthrough single 212 turns 10 next week. Reflecting on her career and current position with journalist Jeff Ihaza, Banks covered topics as wide-ranging as NFTs, her recent use of a Galcher Lustwerk production, Lil Nas X, The Beatles and Larry David.

On jumping on Lustwerk’s beat for her track Fuck Him All Night, Banks said, “We actually didn’t connect. I just heard that beat, and I was like, “Yo, this is crazy.” It reminded me of “Custom Made” by Lil Kim. I was just like, “Yo, this is hip-hop.” I think that a lot of these so-called “hip-hop journalists” kind of forget how to listen to hip-hop music. It goes back to the cliché argument that everybody’s having right now, but it shows. This is all Black music.”

Ihaza also asked Banks about TikTok, asking her why she isn’t on the platform herself yet despite having a big fan-base on there. “Because I’m not a fucking con artist,” she replied.

When asked for any closing comments, Banks responded, “Larry David, call me.” Read the full story here.

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