Batavia Taps Into Their Favorite Musicians, Video Games for cover / remix compilation “Batavia and Their Friends Forever

Batavia has this thing that they do where they’ll release a pretty serious, emotionally heartfelt album and then release a remix / companion album to it with an altogether hilarious cover art. They did this first after their EPs “Graveyard” and “Quite Mean Spirited” released with “Batavia and Their Friends” which showcased the husband-wife duo dressed as mock children’s show hosts. As history repeats itself, so does Batavia. After the release of their well-received (we gave it an 8.5) album “Mythos“, Batavia has gone and whipped up a brand-new remix and cover compilation titled “Batavia and Their Friends Forever”. 

“Batavia and Their Friends Forever” obviously takes a stab at the doomed Duke Nukem Forever and features cover art that would rival Contra. On the album, you’ll find covers of NIN and Jesus Lizard, guest appearances from Dan Milligan (The Joy Thieves, The Burying Kind) and The Gothsicles, as well as remixes from the like of Daddybear, Dread Risks, Decent News, and Syrinx. Thirteen more tracks from your favorite people named Terri and Ed. The album is available now in digital formats / pay-what-you-want on Bandcamp. Batavia has also skillfully whipped together a music video for their cover of Butthold Surfers’ ‘Human Cannonball’. It’s something that’s wildly out of this world and looks like it would run well on a grand PC build from the mid-nineties. Check it out below:

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