Beastie Boys’ Ad-Rock trolls Rolling Stone with contribution to 500 Greatest Albums poll

Beastie Boys’ Ad-Rock has trolled Rolling Stone with his contribution to their 500 Greatest Albums poll.

Last week, Rolling Stone published their updated 500 Greatest Albums of All Time poll, collating over 300 responses from artists, critics and other figures from throughout the music industry.

One of the artists to submit a ballot was Beastie Boys’ Adam ‘Ad-Rock’ Horovitz, who submitted a list of 50, erm, questionable choices to the poll.

Speaking about Horovitz’s ballot entry, Rolling Stone said that the list “set a high bar for taste, erudition and hilarious bullshit,” and questioned if they had been placed there “not because of musical quality, but as part of some sort of clever satirical gesture.”

You can check out Horovitz’s creative entry below.

  1. Macka B, Sign of the Times
  2. Grits and Gravy, Nuthin’ But The Good Stuff
  3. The Frank Figueora Funk Ensemble, Double Bang Bang
  4. Chirp, The City Ain’t Tough Enough
  5. Sergeant Crikey, It Mek Dem Bubble
  6. Hugo Strasser, TanzHits ’71
  7. Ultimate Spinach, Ultimate Spinach
  8. The Outta Controls, I Need New Friends
  9. The Lover’s 2, Slip Into Something More Fantastical
  10. Merv Gelter, Unlinked Passages And Patterns 
  11. Danice Wilder, Funk Your Body Down
  12. Strategic Orchestrations, My Suzuki Sierra Is Bumpin’
  13. Jan Pfundt, Gekreuzte Drähte
  14. Pops Willard, Bus Station Situation 
  15. Janice Montcrieff, Pour me another Glass Of Whine, You Baby
  16. The Dapper Duo, Your Freaky Touch
  17. Urszula Dudziak, Urszula 
  18. Miss Sally Murdoch, Turn Me On When The The Lights Go Off
  19. The Cosmonauts (Featuring Shep Greenley), Bump That Funky Bump
  20. Digitz, Why Is That Again?
  21. The Satin Velvettes, Sooth My Mood
  22. Ebbet Maynfield, Flutes A Plenty
  23. Video Kids, Woodpeckers From Space
  24. The Pete Smith Quintet, Dynamism
  25. Amy Cranterston, The Strength Of The Willow’s Shadows
  26. Ruff-N-Ready, We Rhyme Right
  27. Phil Collins, Dance Into The Light
  28. Westbeth, Down In The Basement (Where The Funk Grows)
  29. The Captain, 22lb Turkey
  30. Monotony, Witness The Rampage
  31. The Tremont High School Drum Line, Marching Band Favorites
  32. Chip Button, Drums Are My Bag
  33. Crabby Appleton, Rotten To The Core
  34. Dr. Funk-A-Dunk, Out Of Bounds On The Dance Floor
  35. Bridget Everett and The Tender Moments, Pound It
  36. The Clarence Widley Orchestra, Boxcar Business (Original Soundtrack)
  37. Melancholia, Exploration Interflection
  38. Al Carlton, Too Smooth
  39. Earl Wilson, Jr., Let My People Come (A Sexual Musical)
  40. Khia, Thug Misses
  41. The Dunes of Distance, Equanimity
  42. General Echo, 12” Of Pleasure
  43. Aileen Mccullough, An Oiread Sin Báistí
  44. Sweet Lou, Already On It
  45. The T-Bones, No Matter What Shape (Your Stomach Is In)
  46. Ladies and Lords, The Mod Way
  47. Crianças Loucas, é Meu Agora
  48. Juan Epstein, Boogaloo In Brooklyn
  49. Little Marcy, Happy Day Express
  50. Carmine Rittzi, Freak Your Way Out Of This One

Last month, Beastie Boys announced a new greatest hits collection would be released on vinyl, due out 2nd October. In April, the outfit appeared in their own documentary, directed by acclaimed filmmaker Spike Jonze.  


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