Boiler Room x Ballantine’s launch True Music Studios global residencies

Boiler Room and Ballantine’s have launched their True Music Studios global residencies series.

Earlier this week, True Music studios embarked on the first part of its tour across eight countries, bringing together artists, promoters, panelists and underrepresented groups to celebrate their local sounds, scenes and communities.

Through a mix of live performances, educational events and community experiences, which will appear both in-person experiences and live streamed events, Boiler Room and Ballantine’s will showcase over 30 inclusive music events curated by the likes of Kedr Livanskiy (Moscow, Russia), Ms. Nina (Madrid, Spain) and DBN Gogo (Johannesburg, South Africa).

Speaking about the True Music Studios global residencies, Tom Elton, Head of Culture and Partnerships at Ballantine’s, said: “Our Boiler Room x Ballantine’s True Music events have always been special as we dig deep into local cultures around the world and celebrate the raw sounds and inspirations that make the individual scenes so unique.

Building on the past seven years, True Music sets itself an ambition to be a trusted and leading voice for diversity and inclusion within music culture. We recognise our role in driving change, and this is what music fans want. The effects of the past 18 months have resulted in a positive shift in attitude and an opportunity to reset and club together to increase equality in music culture.

The dancefloor has always been seen as a sacred and safe place and we want to bring it back to where everyone is equal and feels part of the experience. We all have a part to play, and True Music Studios is our first opportunity to put our diversity and inclusivity pledges into practice.”

The True Music Studios tour is currently making its first stop in Moscow in Russia, where it will remain until the 9th December. Stops are set to follow in Colombia, Ukraine, Kenya, and more.

You can check out the True Music Studios playlist below, and find out more about past and previous events here.

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