Burial announces new EP, 'Antidawn', on Hyperdub

Burial has a new EP on the way through Hyperdub.

Comprised of five tracks, ‘Antidawn’ is the UK producer’s first release for the label since December 2020’s two-tracker ‘Chemz / Dolphinz’. No music has yet been made available from the new release.

A press release accompanying the new EP’s announcement says: “‘Antidawn’ reduces Burial’s music to just the vapours. The record explores an interzone between dislocated, patchwork songwriting and eerie, open-world, game space ambience.

“In the resulting no man’s land, lyrics take precedence over song, lonely phrases colour the haze, a stark and fragmented structure makes time slow down. ‘Antidawn’ seems to tell a story of a wintertime city, and something beckoning you to follow it into the night.”

The EP will first be released digitally on 6th January, ahead of a vinyl and CD release on 28th January. Pre-order it via Bandcamp here, and find the EP artwork below.

This is Burial’s first record since the Keysound-released split EP with Blackdown, ‘Shock Power Of Love’, which came out in April.

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