Buttechno voices support for Clone Records’ decision to stop working with Nina Kraviz

Pavel Milyakov – aka Buttechno – has shared a post on social media supporting Clone Records’ decision to stop working with Nina Kraviz and her label трип Recordings.

The multidisciplinary artist and DJ also criticises Kraviz’s recent response to Clone Records in the statement. “As a Russian artist who was born and worked in Russia I think that Russian artists, especially the ones with a big audience, should publicly speak out against the war, show their solidarity with Ukraine and protest against fascist russian regime,” Milyakov wrote. “Russian artists should accept their personal responsibility and admit the imperialistic and colonising approach of Russian culture and politics throughout Russian history.” [sic]

In the post Milyakov also highlighted the importance of Russian artists using their platform to spread “the ways of direct help and to donate money to Ukrainian volunteers, refugees and defence needs,” as well as sharing “real images of war” to combat Russian propaganda and show “the truth about this vile war.”

Directly referencing Kraviz’s response to the war in Ukraine, he continued: “Being silent or making neutral posts with just ‘PEACE’ word – is the same support of Russian regime and hence support Russian invasion, support killings, rapes, genocide of Ukrainian people.” [sic]

“As an artist who openly oppose fascist Russian regime and its vile war against Ukraine, I fully support Clone Records decision to stop working with trip recordings.” Milyakov also said that his album badtrip, which was previously released on Kraviz’s label, will now be available via Buttechno’s Bandcamp page at a name-your-price cost. All proceeds from badtrip will go towards supporting the people of Ukraine. He previously announced that all his income from Buttechno and Psy X label Bandcamp releases, as well as his Patreon channel, will be donated to Ukrainian causes. Read Buttechno’s full post below.

In March, we launched Loops for Ukraine, a project where you can donate money to access a bank of loops from artists including VTSS, Ploy, Mount Kimbie and 96 Back. We’ve also compiled a resource list of charities, organisations and fundraisers helping to support the people of Ukraine.

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