C2C Festival X Fundaciòn Marcelo Burlon Present: Arca & Weirdcore, Live From Ibiza

For a limited time only, Fact, in association with C2C Festival, is proud to present a unique live concert film, directed by Weirdcore, curated by Arca, with special guest appearances from Total Freedom and Physical Therapy.

Over the summer, as part of its C0C “The Festival As A Performance” digital program, Turin’s C2C Festival and Fundaciòn Marcelo Burlon brought together experimental composer, artist and performer Alejandra Ghersi with multidisciplinary artist Weirdcore for a very special performance to launch fashion designer, Marcelo Burlon’s new charitable foundation. Featuring guest appearances from pioneering DJs and producers Total Freedom and Physical Therapy, Arca curated a unique concert exploring avant-garde composition, thrilling live performance and experimental turntablism, all of which took place amongst the installations, exhibitions and artworks of a sprawling villa in Ibiza, a venue owned by by the Fondaciòn Marcelo Burlon. The 53 minute broadcast attracted a global audience of 7,619 fans across 34 nations in support of the fundraising campaign for the trans and non-binary shelter Casa Rifugo Marcella, Ghersi not only delivered an overwhelming, virtuosic performance, but also acted as both and compère and conductor, orchestrating a vital cacophony of sonic gymnastics and glamorous theatricality.

Photos: Araceli Navarro

Weirdcore was tasked with capturing this unique show in an equally unique way. The audiovisual artist distributed cameras to each of the select few invited to experience the performance live and it was from the footage gathered from these cameras – the individual POVs of Arca’s intimate audience – that the final film was constructed. Stitching together a dizzying patchwork of video, Weirdcore follows the choppy currents and jagged landscape of the concert with glitched-out transitions and deft image manipulation, never shifting focus from Ghersi’s singular performance, but continuously providing a unique perspective. Every second of the film is imbued with the kind of sweaty intimacy it is almost impossible to capture, resulting in a truly immersive document of a very special event. “As I had a ton of cameras at my disposal, I went on a mission to capture every angle of Arca’s performance and simultaneously bombard the viewers with all the best bits,” explains Weirdcore. The performance was preceded by sets from Physical Therapy and Total Freedom, both of which you can listen to below.

You can follow Arca, Total Freedom and Physical Therapy on Instagram. For more information about Weirdcore and his work, you can visit his website and follow him on Instagram.

For more information about C2C festival you can visit the festival website and follow the festival Instagram.

Casa Rifugio Marcella is a temporary shelter for trans and non-binary people who are victims of discrimination and violence. Casa Rifugio Marcella is a project dedicated to the memory of the activist and trans politician, Marcella Di Folco. To find out more and support the project, you can follow

Casa Rifugio Marcella on Instagram.

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