Cammora Talks Inspiration Behind New Sound, Artistic Direction + More in Exclusive Interview

Cammora’s unique artistry and driven determination to stand out continue to act as the foundation of his creativity, enabling him to consistently evolve and develop his signature style to ensure he remains a top talent to watch for within Electronic Music today. Having had support from genre heavyweights like Adam Beyer, Claptone, Bob Sinclair, and Danny Howard, among others, Cammora is no doubt making waves within the genre and it is surely only a matter of time before his name reaches even greater heights as he drops more captivating productions for his fans around the globe to enjoy.

Today, we’re looking forward to being joined in conversation with Cammora to delve into details about his evolving sound, learning more about his new style as he gives us a glimpse into his inspirations and influences when it comes to his production approach and creativity.

Hi Cammora! It’s great to chat! How are you doing today?

Hello! I am doing very well!

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind the new sound you are developing?

The inspiration behind my new sound stems from a desire to blend the emotive depth of Downtempo and Trip-Hop with the dynamic energy of Progressive and Afro tech, moving into the Melodic House spectrum. These elements help me create a sound that’s both familiar and fresh, aiming to resonate on a personal level with listeners while keeping them engaged on the dance floor.

How would you describe the unique elements that set your new sound apart from other genres within the dance music scene?

I would say that it distinguishes itself through its incorporation of rich, textured layers inspired by Downtempo, merged with the rhythmic complexities of Afro Tech and progressive, melodic sounds. It maintains a danceable groove while introducing listeners to unconventional soundscapes. The use of analogue elements adds warmth and depth, setting my tracks apart with a signature sound that pays homage to the past while pushing the boundaries of contemporary Dance music.

What drove you to experiment and venture into this new sound, and what do you hope to achieve with it?

My drive to experiment and venture into this new sound comes from a restless curiosity and a deep-seated passion for exploring the vast spectrum of music. The constant exposure to diverse genres and sounds, especially through my vinyl-digging adventures, has instilled in me the desire to create something that resonates on a deeper level with my audience. With this new sound, I aim to bridge different musical worlds, offering listeners a sonic experience that not only entertains but also evokes emotion and connection.

Could you walk us through the creative process involved in crafting music within this new genre?

I begin with a core idea inspired by a particular sound or mood, whether it’s a haunting Downtempo melody, a complex rhythm, or an evocative vocal sample, which does not have to be in the end record necessarily. From there, I layer in elements that speak to the Progressive and Afro Tech vibes, experimenting with synths, basslines, and percussive patterns to find the right balance between depth and drive.

The process is iterative, involving a lot of tweaking and fine-tuning to ensure that the track not only grooves but also tells a story. The use of analogue gear plays a crucial role, adding texture and character that’s hard to replicate digitally. This blend of old and new technologies helps me craft a sound that’s both nostalgic and forward-looking.

Finally, the arrangement is key. I carefully structure each track to take listeners on a journey, building from introspective moments to euphoric peaks, ensuring that the music resonates both in personal listening and on the dance floor. The goal is always to create something that stands out for its creativity and emotional impact.

How do you believe your new sound will resonate with your existing fan base and potentially attract new listeners?

I believe my new sound will intrigue my existing fan base with its deeper, more emotive layers while maintaining the energetic vibe they enjoy. The fusion of genres should also appeal to a broader audience, attracting listeners who appreciate the intricacy of Electronic Music and its ability to evoke emotion. By bridging various musical landscapes, I aim to create a universal appeal that transcends traditional genre boundaries, welcoming anyone with an appreciation for innovation and quality soundscapes.

Are there any specific artists or musical influences that have played a significant role in shaping your new direction in Electronic Music?

Yes, my new direction in Electronic Music has been significantly shaped by a diverse range of artists and influences. From the textured landscapes of Downtempo pioneers like Massive Attack and the cinematic soundscapes of Portishead to the rhythmic complexity of Afro Tech artists and the emotional depth of Progressive House Producers like Eric Prydz, each have contributed to my evolving sound.

What challenges have you faced while developing this new sound?

I’ve faced challenges like blending disparate genres into a cohesive whole without losing their distinct qualities. Maintaining a balance between innovation and accessibility, ensuring the music is both fresh and relatable, has been intricate. Navigating the technical aspects of integrating analogue textures with digital clarity required careful attention. Also, staying true to my artistic vision amid the rapidly evolving Electronic Music landscape posed its own set of challenges, pushing me to constantly refine and adapt my approach to ensure it stands out in a crowded market.

When can we expect to hear the first release with your new sonic twist?

“Get Rid Of That” will be the first tune into this direction, with many more to come. While specific dates are still being finalized, fans can expect to hear this fresh sound in the coming months. I’m excited to share this evolution of my music with both existing fans and new listeners alike, and I’m working diligently to ensure everything is perfect. Keep an eye on my social media and music platforms for announcements on release dates and previews.

With an exciting journey ahead, we’re eagerly anticipating the release of Cammora’s next release so we can dive in and discover this promising new sound for ourselves. A talent whose consistent drive to innovate and experiment positions him as a thrilling and refreshing presence within the world of Electronic Music, make sure to keep following Cammora by keeping up to date with his future releases and projects via social media.

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Cammora Talks Inspiration Behind New Sound, Artistic Direction + More in Exclusive Interview

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