Casio teases new synth and vocoder

Casio has been teasing a new product on its social media for a few weeks, and the final teaser shows what looks like a new keyboard or synth, accompanied by a vocoded voice sound, implying the new hardware will be some kind of synth-vocoder combo. 

Casio had originally shared a cryptic video just before Xmas, with a Facebook video featuring a vocoded voice saying ‘Check It Out’ but with no sign of any specific hardware. The latest video, also shared across the company’s socials, features more vocoder, but also gives a glimpse at a keyboard with synth panel as a light pans across the unit. A logo then appears saying ‘AiX Sound Source’ before asking ‘Are You Ready? January 2022’. 

Expect the announcement to be imminent – our best guess would be a new synth that leans heavily on vocoding features, but the Japanese brand has always been unpredictable. News as it comes. Watch the teaser video below.  

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