Former NTS breakfast DJ Charlie Bones is fundraising for a new radio station.

Having quit his Do!!You!!! breakfast show on NTS live on-air in August, the DJ is now hoping to set up his own platform. On his website, he has asked listeners who want to support the new project to “please support any way you can; donation, merch or subs. Then many ideas will unfold.”

Explaining more about his plans, a note on his website reads: “Right now funds are needed to invest in the studio equipment and other start-up costs and then we’ll run off subs. It’s going to be a complete FAMILY AFFAIR supported directly by you the listener.”

You can support the project by donating directly, buying merch or subscribing to a membership

Bones had hosted the Do!!You!!! show on NTS until his departure since 2012, taking the helm of a three-hour morning slot on most weekdays.

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