Coachella To Offer Groundbreaking Pathfinder Program For Disabled BIPOC Community

Coachella is making waves by offering a new inclusive space called the A+ Pathfinder Program that gives opportunities, mentorship, and exclusive access to BIPOC people with disabilities who dream of working in the live event space.

As a Pathfinder, participants can network with industry leaders while gaining access to behind-the-scenes tours to see the inner workings of Coachella and propel their careers forward.

The A+ Pathfinder Program’s goal is to provide BIPOC people with disabilities the chance to learn from experts and leaders who are also a part of the disabled BIPOC community and amplify intersectionality between their experience and festival curation.

Those chosen to participate will receive a ticket to the festival, a free space to camp, and VIP access to most of the activations on the festival grounds.

Applications close March 17, 2024 and you can learn more about the program here and get started blazing a trail of inclusivity here.




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