Artist and filmmaker Francesco Tosini manipulates a warping rhizomal matrix to visualize the experience of dreaming.

‘Glimpse’ is the ethereal, stuttering closer to Hypnos, the third project from producer Cosimo Damiano for Survive, the Milanese imprint headed up by Inner Lakes, stalwart of the Italian underground music scene and resident of Milan’s foremost cultural space Macao. Channeling the ancient power of the Greek god of sleep, the titlar Hypnos, Damiano explores a somnambulist sound palette, threading together dreamy synthesis and snatches of off-kilter samples to pull us deeper and deeper into the dream. Teaming up with artist and filmmaker Francesco Tosini for ‘Glimpse’, the collaborators conjure a shifting synthetic topography, an IDM dreamscape through which they navigate with misfiring percussion, stroboscopic imagery and a haunting, looping ambience.

Cosimo Damiano

“The rhizomal matrix from which dreams draw is a field of deeply interconnected potential narrations, a cluster of electrons in the making,” explain the duo. “The dream can linger and process a particle as a product of history and the unconscious of the single individual, or associate itself with a collective feedback while respecting the social nature of the matrix. It is here that through the dream man opens the gap through which he can glimpse.” They continue: “the track tells the story of a collective glimpse, Damiano’s work is about narrating the images of dream experiences, Francesco’s work is about representing how these images are born using various techniques: video feedback and diffusion reactions to create rhizomal evolutions.”

Cosimo Damiano

‘Glimpse’ is taken from Hypnos, which is out now on Survive. You can find Cosimo Damiano on Instagram. For more information about Francesco Tosini and his work, follow him on Instagram.

‘Glimpse Credits’:

Sound – Cosimo Damiano
Image – Francesco Tosini