Darkwave project Sequential Zero releases new double ‘Fourth Sequence’

Dabblers in darkwave, coldwave, and new wave, Sequential Zero has released their brand-new double “Fourth Sequence” via Mantravision Productions. “Fourth Sequence” begins with ‘THe Last One To Fall’, which finds the act relying on guitars more than ever. Sequential Zero has stated that it “explores the all too familiar territory of the loneliness that pervades modern society where we are all electronically connected, yet left feeling more alone than ever.” The second song on the double ‘Endless Night and Day’, dives deep into new wave. It invokes the ancient prayer SATOR AREPO TENET OPERA ROTAS which asks that, though we are ravaging the planet, we are not wiped out in the end. You can stream / purchase the double below.

The fourth double that they have released thus far, “Fourth Sequence” is part of a five-part double series with the last coming soon. Their independent net label, Mantravision Productions, has recently announced that it is now a non-profit organization. Sequential Zero consists of Ant Banister (producer, vocals), Bruce Nullify (Guitars, Vocals), Colin Gallagher (synth, vocals), with live member Adrian Leppard set to play Bruce’s parts in Australia. 

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