Discover ‘Golden Hour’ By DJ & Producer Zuma Quintero

Zuma Quintero is an up-and-coming DJ and producer who you don’t want to miss! His latest body of work is the EP titled Golden Hour, a fourteen-tracker that embodies Zuma’s unique style with songs like “Dreams” and “Uninvolved”. With tens of thousands of streams, the newly arrived collection is already a grand success, expanding Zuma’s reach and influence. 

“I had a lot of inspiration from producers and genres which is why I wanted to make these tracks my first EP, to showcase myself as a producer and introduce my sound. I really wanted to make something different and unique. Merging elements of electronic and trap music blending some warm instruments when hard beats. I think the most challenging part of it was creating the same sound to flow and not getting sidetracked with the project,” Zuma Quintero said in a recent interview. Make sure to follow Zuma Quintero on his socials to stay tuned about upcoming releases!

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