Don Diablo shares official rework of The Killers ‘Mr.Brightside’: Listen

Don Diablo has done an official rework of one of the 21st century’s biggest-known hits, The Killers’ ‘Mr. Brightside’.

Initially made to be played in his live sets, he ended up receiving a large amount of positive feedback on the edit, so he eventually decided to reached out to The Killers in the hope of officially licensing it for a full release.

“‘Mr. Brightside’ by The Killers is not only one of the biggest indie rock anthems of all time, it has also been a big part of the soundtrack of my life since the day it was released,” he said in the description for the track’s music video, which you can watch below. “Originally I just wanted to make a special version of the song exclusively for my DJ sets, but reactions have been so strong that we decided to reach out to the band and their management.

“A few years went by but then suddenly the last pieces of the puzzle fell together and I got the official blessing to release my version of ‘Mr. Brightside’ for the rest of the world. I tried to maintain the spirit of the original whilst adding some more emotional and melodic layers, so I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I enjoyed working on the song. Sometimes we all need a little reminder to embrace the BRIGHT SIDE of life.”

The track is out now.

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