EDM Maniac’s Ultimate Guide To EDC Mexico 2024

The wonderful world of EDC is once again making the trek south for the incredible adventure that is EDC Mexico.

For many, EDC Mexico is an opportunity that is almost too good to be true. Combining the magic of Electric Daisy Carnival with international travel is a raver’s wet dream.

International festivals, however, pose a great deal of hurdles to overcome when it comes to logistics and navigation of such an event. But never fear – EDM Maniac is here!

We’ve put together a guide to ensure your EDC Mexico journey is as hassle-free as they come. Incorporate these trip tips into your planning for an unparalleled EDC Mexico adventure:

Consider Your Experience

Where To Stay 

There are two main areas where you will most likely be spending your time near the venue: Rodriguez Autodomingo Raceway and in the city (the Reforma district).

Because the raceway is close to the MEX airport (where you’ll fly in and out of) it’s a great place to stay for convenience of travel between the three spots. Airport hotels have certain attractive benefits when it comes to EDC Mexico like shuttles to and from the airport and a convenient walk home from the festival.

The caveat, however, is that you’ll have to allot extra time around the festival to explore the culturally dense metropolis of Mexico City.

The alternative is staying at a hotel in the city, which could end up being a better use of your time. This allows you to shop and explore around before the festival as well as bar and club hop after the event before making your way home.

Staying in the city then means extra time will be required to travel to and from the festival each day (about 45 minutes without traffic).

Either place to stay has its advantages and disadvantages and there’s no clear option to pick, so think about the kind of experience you want to have before you book.

How To Get Around 

The choice of how to get around will vary depending on where you’re staying. If you’re staying close to the airport, you might choose to get to the festival on foot.

Uber will probably be your best bet no matter where you’re staying. Rideshare costs are subject to surge pricing but tend to be reasonable, even during the festival.

If you’re planning on taking an Uber, keep in mind that you may have to leave the festival early to secure a ride or walk quite a distance from the venue to find a ride.

Shuttles, taxis, and metro systems can also be more economical options if you’re on a tight budget. If your squad is rolling deep to EDC Mexico you might want to consider hiring a private van for the weekend so you can all stick together and travel in style.

Upgrade To VIP 

The number one tip we get from EDC Mexico veterans is to upgrade your ticket from GA. Costing only a fraction of the price compared to American festivals (sometimes as little as $50/day), the VIP experience at EDC Mexico is totally worth it.

Including gourmet food and drink, expedited entry, world-class viewing from the dedicated VIP decks, and exclusive activities and entertainment, the PLUS Enhanced Experience Pass is definitely worth the upgrade.

Granted they’re not sold out, you can purchase a VIP ticket on the website, contact Ticketmaster to upgrade your existing GA ticket, or visit one of the VIP booths on-site at the festival.

The EDC Skydeck experience will also be available at the Mexico edition of the festival. While costing close to $10,000 at domestic festivals, the experience is offered much cheaper abroad. Skydeck not only gives you access to all VIP areas but additionally offers prime viewing sections and bottle service for your entire group.

When in Mexico, right?

Embrace The Culture

Diverse Fashion 

Don’t be shocked when you enter the bright, colorful, glittery world of EDC and see people walking around in jeans and T-shirts. Electronic festivals are more common and mainstream abroad compared to the States so ravers don’t feel the need to get all dressed up for the event – it’s just another weekend for them.

Don’t let this discourage you, though. Let your American fashion shine bright and show off your style. People from all corners of the earth come to attend EDC Mexico so let them know what American rave fashion is all about.

It is an Electric Daisy Carnival festival after all, so we promise you won’t get mocked or looked at weirdly for dressing in typical American rave fashion.

Meet New People

Language barriers might make it a little tricky to make new friends during the festival but our community also connects through many different languages.

We communicate through dance, by trading kandi, and through flow arts. The love of electronic music is one thing that brings us all together so make sure to step out of your comfort zone and party with the people.

See A Set In A Different Language 

Music sounds good in every language. The beauty of attending an international festival is dipping your toes in a genre you’ve maybe never heard of before and exposing yourself to different types of music.

You’d be doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t experience at least one set by Mexican artists while in Mexico City.

Talk to people around the festival to get a feel for who they’re excited to see and check them out.

Explore Mexico City 

Mexico City is full of culture, art, and our favorite, good food. Art museums, boozy boat rides, and hot air balloon breakfast tours are just the start of all the things the city has to offer.

Reigning from Mexico City, our queen Frida Kahlo is highly celebrated in the city and you can immerse yourself in her history at her dedicated museum. Or visit the Palacio Nacional to awe at Diego Rivera’s famous The History of Mexico mural, completely free.

But Mexico City is foodie heaven. You have to visit as many restaurants and street carts as your stomach can handle while there.

Tacos, tamales, elote, churros – there’s so much food and so little time! Talk to locals while you’re at the festival to get insight into their favorite places to eat. They’ll know the best hole-in-the-wall spots and won’t lead you astray.

Be Safe

Don’t Drink Publicly 

Mexico, especially Mexico City, can seem like all fun and games while you’re on vacation from home. Alcohol is widely present in Mexico City and will even be sold on sidewalks by street vendors. But please don’t confuse this easy access to alcohol with a lax legal system.

Drinking alcohol publicly is still illegal in Mexico City, similar to in the United States. While it may seem easy and fun to grab a beer for the walk to the venue, don’t give in to the temptation.

Police presence is strong around the venue, monitoring for public intoxication, theft, violence, and kidnapping. The last thing you want to do is get yourself in trouble with the law in a foreign country. Be mindful and respectful of local law enforcement.

Use Common Sense 

One of the biggest questions we get asked about EDC Mexico is, “Is it safe?” And the answer is – yes.

While it’s true that violent crime rates in Mexico are surprisingly high, the violent crime rates in Mexico City are comparable to that of Los Angeles and Phoenix. A large number of crimes reported in Mexico can be traced back to gang and drug-related activities, meaning crime is usually heavily concentrated in certain areas where more gangs are present.

Stick to exploring in highly populated tourist areas. If you choose to travel at night, follow well-lit routes and walk in packs.

If you’re opting to use a taxi or private van service, be sure to use companies that have multiple good reviews and are reputable. Services like Uber tend to be recommended due to their reliability and in-app safety features.

Pickpocketing tends to be most threatening to attendees of EDC Mexico. Make sure to keep your phone, wallet, passport, and other valuables zipped tightly in a front-facing bag or secured in lockers.

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