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Emily De Nando’s “Signora”: An Anthem of Independence and Feminine Strength

In her latest release, “Signora,” Emily De Nando weaves a tapestry of independence and cultural pride, encapsulating the essence of the modern woman. This debut single is a bold statement, an ode to female autonomy and identity, articulated through an intriguing blend of English pop and iconic Italian phrases. 

Recently, De Nando elaborated on her aspirations for the song, stating, “I hope ‘Signora’ empowers women with its vibe and lyrics. I aimed to express strength and energy to inspire women, reminding them of their worth. This song is my tribute to feminine power, supporting those who value freedom and equality.” Her intent is clear: to embolden women to recognize and cherish their value in a world still grappling with gender inequalities. 

The choice of bilingual lyrics is particularly striking. Emily De Nando explains, “Mixing Italian and English in ‘Signora’ was a conscious decision to highlight my heritage and make the phrase ‘Sono una signora’ – ‘I am a lady’ – memorable and impactful. It’s a celebration of femininity and a reminder to women that they are powerful and independent.” This blend of languages not only honors her Italian roots but also reinforces the song’s universal appeal. 

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In addressing the song’s emotional depth, De Nando remarks, “I wanted ‘Signora’ to evoke a sense of movement and freedom. The music and my vocal delivery create a narrative where the woman is unattainable, focusing on herself, her strengths, and her independence.” The song is a testament to self-love and prioritization, urging women to be their own priority and to embrace life on their own terms. 

De Nando also discusses the balancing act of merging classical elegance with a modern vibe, “I blend the classic Italian vibe with modern elements, using instruments like saxophones and violins alongside electronic beats. This fusion reflects the modern woman’s spirit – rooted in tradition yet fiercely forward-looking.”

“Signora” serves as a conduit for conversations about femininity, freedom, and societal norms. Emily De Nando passionately shares, “This song is a homage to femininity and a call for gender equality. It’s about fighting for our rights, embracing our freedom, and rejecting societal constraints. The lyrics ‘I am free like a bird, I will never be yours’ encapsulate this sentiment of unyielding autonomy.” 

The music video, set in a classic Italian villa, further enhances the song’s themes, combining De Nando’s cultural identity with a message of empowerment. “Filming in a historical villa was a way to underscore my Italian origins and the song’s theme of strength and elegance,” she explains. 

Emily’s new release stands as a beacon of hope and empowerment, not just for women but for anyone who values freedom and self-determination. With this track, De Nando not only showcases her musical prowess but also her commitment to championing the rights and dignity of women worldwide.

Watch the official music video below:

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