EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Imperative Reaction cut-up and remix Noveaux’s ‘Eden’

Industrial metal act Noveaux has been on a series of highs in their decade of existence; from performing with legends such as Wednesaday 13, Davey Suicide, Darkcell, and Cyndustry, to releasing a trilogy of albums and two EPs, Noveaux has been on a non-stop rollercoaster. In keeping their material fresh, Noveaux has decided to collaborate with other producers to remix songs off their 2020 EP “Eden”. This journey starts with American electro-industrial act Imperative Reaction. Completely stripping the heavy metal guitars from the original mix, Imperative Reaction replaces all that angst with heavy club beats that makes a crisp and clear harsh electro / aggrotech song. You can stream the song below: 

Noveaux’s founding member and vocalist James Barnes had this to say about the remix project, “Connecting online was the only space for human interaction for a lot of us during the pandemic. I found artistic collaboration as much as camaraderie in this niche space in other countries that manifested this epic title track from our two-year-old EP.”

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