Fact Mix 782: Martyn Bootyspoon

A taut selection of dance tracks and isolation ballads from the Montreal club favourite.

It’s hard to know where Montreal artist Jason Voltaire starts and his musical alias Martyn Bootyspoon ends. What marks out Voltaire’s blend of ghettotech, bootyhouse and techno is the personality contained within: knowingly outrageous but never lewd, Bootyspoon is, as he told Electronic Beats, a self-professed “rave lothario” that’s more of “an avenue of true expression” as it is a moniker he likes to hides behind.

Since the first Martyn Bootyspoon release on Sinjin Hawke and Zora Jones’ Fractal Fantasy label in 2018, Silk Eternity, he’s been responsible for some of the most essential club music of recent years. Humour is a hard-coded feature of his tracks, whose lyrics frequently embrace his OTT persona (just listen to this year’s ‘Ice Cream Mane’ for proof).

Hot off the heels of the release of the Lickety Split EP via Finn’s 2 B Real label earlier this year, Martyn Bootyspoon turns in a 90-minute Fact Mix with a taut selection of dance tracks and isolation ballads from artists including Anz, Paul Johnson, DJ Swisha, DJ Slugo, John FM and many more. “The perfect set for a parallel timeline,” Bootyspoon says.

Lickety Split is available now. Find the rest of Martyn Bootyspoon’s music at Bandcamp.


GILA – ‘Buffalo 2 Miami’
Florentino – ‘El Sonido’
Mutually Feeling – ‘Gutted Honey Dew’
Matt Star – ‘Acidjourney’
AceMo & Les Sins – ‘C’mon Les’ Go’
Cameron Morse – ‘Gooda’
Ali Berger – ‘Raise’
M. Bootyspoon – ‘My Dog Will’
Omar S – ‘This Love Is 4 Real’
Paranoid London – ‘KYLEDIT’
Off The Meds – ‘Karlaplan (Remix)’
DJ Smallz 732 – ‘Clockwork (24 Hour Tinashe Edit)’
Sada Baby – ‘Whole Lotta Choppas’
Helix – ‘Another Miami Jack Track’
Debbie Deb – ‘Look Out Weekend’
Anz – ‘Gary Mission’
Martyn Bootyspoon – ‘Buss Down’
Zora Jones – ‘Shadows To The Light’
DJ Central & Erika Casier – ‘Drive (Ambient Mix)’
Bambounou – ‘Seize-sept’
M. Bootyspoon – ‘My House, My Rules (Sweaty)’
Paul Johnson – ‘Who’s Psy Is This?’
Kush Jones – ‘POPCORN’
DJ Dealer – ‘Hungry (Destroyer Mix)’
Martyn Bootyspoon – ‘Resonant Freq’
Mr Promising Start – ‘Foot Tool Shuffle’
Loraine James – ‘Mmm’
Slick Rick Da’ Master / GETO DJ’Z INC – ‘Fear MySpace’
DJ Slugo -–’Work Them Jaws’
Ishaq – ‘Snowtop’
Heavee – ‘Burnin Up’
? – ‘I Feel’
DJ SWISHA – ‘New Luv’
B La B – ‘In The Gutta’
John FM – ‘Forever’

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