Fact Mix 791: Jabes

Jabes explores “menacing, trippy and otherworldly” sounds on a wild and playful Fact Mix.

UK producer Jabes makes intricately designed club tracks that overwhelm the senses with twitchy rhythms, hi-res textures and euphoric melodies. Across a series of EPs for Leeds-based Treehouse and London label klunk, Jabes has developed a playful style of club music with a sinister edge – listen to last year’s brilliant ‘Clown Tool’ for proof. He’s also a regular collaborator with Happa, having released both an hour-long ambient piece, Cirrus, and a remix of 96 Back’s ‘My Time Here’.

“This last year I’ve been obsessed with ritual, folklore, horror and how these things relate to ideas of chaos and order,” Jabes says of the idea behind this week’s Fact Mix. “I wanted this mix to kinda reflect these things; to sound like it was constantly threatening to fall apart, rebuild itself and freak the listener out a bit whilst remaining fairly smooth and danceable.”

Featuring tracks from Batu, Rrose, Nkisi, E-Saggila and Demdike Stare, the mix “represents the kind of sets I’d love to hear when clubs reopen, something menacing, trippy and otherworldly that I can lose myself in.”

klunk002 is available now on Jabes’ Bandcamp.


Mark Leckey – ‘In This Lingering Twilight Sparkle’ (extract)
Paul Flaherty, Thurston Moore, Bill Nace – ‘Drugs’
VASE – ‘Ten Forty’
Tomás Urquieta – ‘Anatomia’ (M.E.S.H. Remix)
Nico – ‘Ventana’
Lara Sarkissian – ‘Gnum + The Wave’s Recountal’ (Siete Catorce Hybrid Remix)
Batu – ‘High Press’
Biome – ‘Stealth’
SHE Spells Doom – ‘Death Screen’
Jonas Kopp – ‘Tuning Frequency’
Vee – ‘Aether’ (Stage II)
Luxus Varta – ‘Flash Tension’
Maelstrom – ‘ALPH4’
Peter Van Hoesen – ‘Horizontal Shuffle’
Rrose – ‘Beware of Shells’
qgb – ‘You Can Steer Yourself Any Direction You Choose’
Shackleton – ‘Wish You Better’
Only Now – ‘Dirt’ (Flore Remix)
Air Max ’97 – ‘Chalk’
??? – ???
Demdike Stare – ‘Patchwork’
Viiaan – ‘Garble’
E-Saggila – ‘Lounge Experience’
Kode9, The Spaceape – ‘Victims’
Rune Bagge – ‘Backwoods Lullabies’
The Taj-Mahal Travellers – ‘II’
Mark Leckey – ‘In This Lingering Twilight Sparkle’ (extract)
KOI – ‘Kaan’
NNHMN – ‘Ariel’
The Modern Institute vs Jay Mitta – ‘Jays Ant Remix’
Nkisi – ‘The Truth Is Elsewhere’
Black Seed – ‘Meta II’
Rainstick – ‘Heaven’s Gate’
Bigote – ‘Prah’
Nerftoss – ‘Bender’
Dorisburg – ‘Votiv’
Lurka – ‘Powder’
Nick Leon – ‘Fire Dub’
Oklou – ‘God’s Chariots’ (Basile3 Lost Club Mix)
Giuliano Sorgini – ‘The Raison Dead’

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