Fact Mix 832: Zozo

An atmospheric odyssey of weirdo club music that leans heavily towards the freaky, the weighty and the steamy.

Lurching into life with DJ Wolfi Bernreuther’s ‘ZYX Mini Mix 2018’, a frazzled and giddy snapshot of a time before COVID-19, Zozo’s Fact Mix charts the long and complex transition from tentative, socially distant interaction back to the freedom and intimacy of the night club dance floor or the music festival stage. Beloved for her omnivorous approach to selection and her loose, free-wheeling sets, the Istanbul-based DJ taps into a reliably eclectic vein here, embarking on atmospheric odyssey of weirdo club music that leans heavily towards the freaky, the weighty and the steamy. “The mix reflects emotions, celebration, getting together with friends and community again after that pandemic break,” explains Zozo, “a combination of futuristic sound designs, tribal and primitive dub steps, African and South American breeze and wilderness, dystopic and cinematic soundscapes with an extravagant, vagabondage spirit for those who want to bounce and get their groove on.”

A long-time lynchpin of of Turkey’s underground electronic scene, Zozo’s reach has expanded greatly in recent years. Between her ongoing residency at Berlin’s palace of strange Sameheads, her movements within the Lyonnaise Macadam Mambo crew, her involvement with the Zurich electronic music and art collective Les Belles De Nuit and her new multidisciplinary venture A Friend Of Mine, or AFOM, Zozo is exploring the possibilities of consolidating international regard during a time when the possibility and sustainability of the endless flights and tireless schedule of a touring DJ in Europe is called into question. The lively selection of new sounds, esoteric digs and experimental anthems that Zozo draws together are a glimpse of what the DJ has been playing for more local audiences and friends, including Istanbul’s Roots Radio and Peninsula Presents, a series of parties that take place along Turkey’s peninsulas.

You can follow Zozo on Instagram.


DJ Wolfi Bernreuther – ‘ZYX Mini Mix 2018’  
Ellen Zweig & John Di Stefano – ‘Mapping One Place Onto Another’ 
Mafou- ‘Warda’
Rayreck – ‘Ezoteric’ ft. IDHAZ 
8ULENTINA – ‘Upward Spiral’
Hassan Abou Alam – ‘Unkindled’
Benedek – ‘Lighten Up’
Dea – ‘Mesopotamia’
Will Hofbauer- ‘Where Did All The Hay Go?’
Jasmin – ‘Going Nowhere’
J-ZBEL- ‘Sebulba’ (Feat. Simo Cell)
Sequential Hill – ‘Jacqd Oscillateurs’
DJ Heure – ‘Intentions’
Peter Graf York – ‘LikeASucka’ 
Hassan Abou Alam – ‘All Used Up’
Maara – ‘Ultimate Reward’
Ayesha – ‘Dark Matter’
Papa Nugs – ‘Honey’
Qnete – ‘Exergy’  
Luke Hess – ‘Hidden Dimension’ (Patrick Russell Dub Version)
Kode9 & The Spaceape – ‘Victims’
Hekkla – ‘Damocles’
Quimico Ultra Mega X Yofrangel 911 – ‘Envidioso’ (Siu Mata Edit
DJ MP3 – ‘Get Dwon (Body Bang)’
Bitter Babe x Nick León – ‘SMS 229-305’
Jonas Friedlich – ‘No Delivery’
Stevie Whisper – ‘Obedial’
Cardi B – ‘I Like It’ (J Wax Remix)

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