Fact Mix 848: Bored Lord

Bored Lord drops us right in the middle of the party we all desperately want to be at in this week’s Fact mix.

Over the years Daria Lourd’s singular approach to dance music has remained consistently exploratory, irresistible and heart-wrenching. Cutting her teeth within the fiercely creative Oakland DIY scene while making art and music as part of the digital collective Rare Nnudes, Bored Lord found a home at underground club imprint Knightwerk before more recently joining kindred spirits Eris Drew and Octo Octa on their label, T4T LUV NRG. Her sound is in constant oscillation, pinging between toothsome hardware jams, joyous pop edits, queasy bass euphoria, pleasure-center inflaming hardcore and amorous, banging breaks, all channeled towards a dancefloor philosophy that is, to use the words of Eris Drew and Octo Octa, “pressed loud and built out of love between queer and trans people…the same love we use to survive.”

Like her labelmates at T4T LUV NRG, Bored Lord demonstrates how propulsive energy and ecstatic sound can serve as both a celebration of the queer and trans people that have pioneered, make, play and dance to this music, as well as a vital space for queer and trans resistance. Across a series of essential releases, including the impeccably titled Transexual Rave Anthems, delusional breaks, T-Groove and The Last Illusion, as well as two edit compilations, instinctual, liberated physicality has remained Lourd’s resolute focus. These are tracks for bodies and souls, music for hearts and minds. “This mix is a good reflection of what I’ve been playing at gigs recently,” explains Lourd. “A lot of breaks and basslines and drumwork lead the way with a mix of modern tracks and classic throwbacks.”

“I also included some unreleased music that I’m testing out. I recorded this live on the full moon at Lower Grand Radio to give it that raw NRG feeling. Hope it makes you dance around and keep reaching to crank the volume knob.” Throwing together classic cuts from Zone, The Cotton Club and Kaotic Chemistry, contemporary anthems from AceMo, KW Griff and James Bangura, stand-out tracks from a host of rising producers such as OSSX and Nikki Nair, as well collaborations between Bored Lord herself and Bastiengoat and Introspekt, Lourd’s mix drops us right in the middle of the party we all desperately want to be at.

You can find Bored Lord on Instagram, SoundCloud and Bandcamp.


Zone – ‘Eternal #2’
Ali Berger – ‘pod’
AceMo – ‘Strings of Time’
Russell E.L. Butler – ‘God Is Change’
Varda Hayes – ‘8888’
Bastiengoat x Bored Lord – ‘Thallium’
The Cotton Club – ‘Nu Jack’ 
DJ Mike B – ‘Feel The Energy’
Fear E – ‘Principles’
OSSX – ‘Big Yawn’
Bored Lord – ‘Whatcha Lookin For’
Kaotic Chemistry – ‘Drumtrip’
KW Griff – ‘Phil Collins’
afterdark recordings – ‘Energizer #1B’
Ell Murphy & Stones Taro – ‘Hours’
Bored Lord – ‘and the DJ keeps it sincere’
James Bangura – ‘Pinky Ring’
Introspekt x Bored Lord – ‘Early Hours’
B Wen – ‘Zero In’
bastiengoat – ‘Page st’
Bored Lord – ‘Get Loose’
Nikki Nair – ‘Way of the Void’
Introspekt – ‘It’s Cold Up North’
Escaflowne – ‘Hard Playa’
Bored Lord – ‘In Unison With Others’

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