Fact Mix 881: DJ Voices

DJ Voices balances an exploratory and omnivorous appetite for new sounds with a passionate predilection for the trippy, the deep and the sensual.

Kristin Malossi is a crucial node in the rich and energetic network of producers, DJs, venues and parties that crackles tirelessly through New York City. As a founding member of the collective Working Women and booker at Ridgewood institution Nowadays, Malossi consistently platforms the best and brightest talents, both established and rising, with an empathetic and enthusiastic approach that demonstrates a loving and dedicated relationship to the scene. Between her residency at The Lot Radio, Nothing In Moderation, her resident shows at Nowadays and the rapidly rising demand for her genre-less, emotional, vibe-centric work as DJ Voices, it’s clear that Malossi’s ear is one of the keenest around, balancing an exploratory and omnivorous appetite for new sounds with a passionate predilection for the trippy, the deep and the sensual.

This is exactly the territory we find ourselves in for Malossi’s hypnotic Fact mix, which unfolds in stately fashion through submerged house and amniotic techno, cosmic breaks and deep space bass. “This mix was originally intended to be more of a ‘chill out’ mix, but the final result sits somewhere closer to the dance floor,” Malossi explains. “Still, it showcases my love for deep and psychedelic sounds, lots of heads down, eyes closed moments. Recorded on 3 CDJs with liberal use of wide mode.” The perfect soundtrack for those nights during which it’s unclear where the sofa ends and the dance floor begins, Malossi’s mix marks a constantly shifting transition between internal reflection and outward expression, a swirl of sounds designed for the moments when instinctive movement and expansive thought become one and the same, a concoction for dissolving the mind in the body.

For more information about DJ Voices, you can find her on Instagram and SoundCloud, tune into her at The Lot Radio and, for some incisive and personal notes from a prolific reader, follow Malossi’s book Instagram, Late Nites Book Club.


HVL – ‘agneffC01’       
Albino Sounds – ‘Dried Seeds’   
Tano – ’10 to 11′      
KΣITO – Makimura’      
Androne – ‘Abducted By Aliens (A Strange Wedding Hypergravity Remix)’    
Au Contraire – ‘Chrome Rips’      
Pixelord – ‘Vibrate’          
Wilt – ‘Fractal Ceiling’     
Body Corp – ‘Talk Box’        
Driss Bennis Pres. OCB – ‘The Magic Laugh (Trancehuman)’   
Technic Trouble – ‘Shikariama’     
Aloka – ‘Rotary XL’     
Cubemod – ‘Sling’        
NVST – ‘Drum in the Bass of Attention (Jan Loup Remix)’   
Match Box – ‘Viggo’      
z72.52 – ‘Dawn’        
Clap42 – ‘Make It Squirt’       
Paul Fleetwood – ‘Marion’        
Conrad Pack – ‘The Best’       
Morphing Territories – ‘Dicephalic Snake’    
Primal Code – ‘Akhet’          
Dimitar Dodovski – ‘Trash Stratum’

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