Fall In Love With “Bad Taste” By Axway

Stunning new single from a renowned artist under the name of Axway—“Bad Taste” is a vibrant piece that’s about to blaze a hot trail of attention! Essentially a sad story written in a cheerful key, the song embodies pure 70’s and 80’s influences of blues that fuse seamlessly with the modern implementation style and vocals that truly tell a story. Calling the song inventive and even genius wouldn’t be an exaggeration, so check it out down below! 

Axway is a talented DJ and producer out of a small village in central Italy who is known for his impressive EDM flair. He started his musical journey by playing the guitar at the age of 6 and the romantic instrument still plays a big part of his music. At a young age, Axway was already a house name for a number of clubs in Turin. Despite his popularity, though, the artist made the decision to fully commit to being a recording artist and dropped four singles in a year right then and there. His debut track “Only One” reached tens of thousands of streams in a matter of days, and now Axway’s works are becoming even more popular thanks to their unique sound and sheer authenticity. We cannot wait to hear more from this artist!

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