Festival Report Card: Forbidden Kingdom 2024

Forbidden Kingdom Music Festival is a yearly event for bass and dubstep fans. This year, it occurred in Orlando, Florida, on June 7-8, 2024. The festival grounds were filled with fantastic art installations and multiple stages, creating a vibrant and engaging atmosphere.

This year, tickets were available in various options, including General Admission (GA), GA+, VIP, and single-day tickets. This provided flexibility for attendees to choose the experience that best suited their preferences and budgets.

Vibes: B-

The atmosphere at Forbidden Kingdom was filled with excitement and high energy. Despite the extreme heat, with temperatures reaching the mid-90s and humidity making it feel like the low 100s, the spirit of PLUR (Peace, Love, Unity, Respect) was strong. Festivalgoers shared kandi and helped each other stay hydrated, showing a strong sense of community.

However, the intense heat did cause some agitation among the crowd. As the day went on, the high temperatures and humidity made some people irritable and aggressive as they tried to find shade or water. Even with these challenges, most people remained positive, showing remarkable resilience and support for one another.

Production: B

The production quality at Forbidden Kingdom was top-notch, reflecting Insomniac Events‘ high standards. The stages were designed with great detail, each offering a unique experience. The megastructure provided shade but lacked proper ventilation, turning it into a sauna. Despite this, the impressive lighting and sound systems made for spectacular performances.

The Village stage, with its built-in fans, offered more comfort but had constant sound vibrations that were a bit annoying. Unfortunately, there were significant issues during some of the key sets. The speakers either blew out or overheated during Black Tiger Sex Machine‘s set and Subtronics‘ set, causing disruptions and detracting from the overall experience. These technical difficulties were a major letdown for many attendees.

Venue: C-

The Central Florida Fairgrounds provided ample space for the festival, but it had some issues. Parking was poorly organized, leading to long waits and many people parking in nearby residential or business areas at an extra cost. This made finding convenient parking frustrating for many.

The organizers made efforts to keep attendees comfortable. Free water stations were available, though lines were often long. Misting stations in the center of the festival helped cool people down. Shaded areas were appreciated, but the venue lacked enough trash bins, leading to litter problems. The efforts to provide shade and hydration were reasonable, but better waste management is needed.

Security was another area of concern. On day one, security checks were rigorous, which caused long waits in the heat. By day two, the checks were much less thorough, raising safety concerns. It was clear that security staff were rushing to get people through the lines quickly to avoid prolonged exposure to the intense heat, but this trade-off led to mixed feelings about overall event security.

Music: B

The lineup at Forbidden Kingdom was fantastic for bass and dubstep fans. Friday’s performances were especially great, with Adventure Club B2B Jessica Audiffred, BARELY ALIVE, Doctor P B2B FuntCase, and Subtronics delivering unique sets. Each act brought its own style, making for an unforgettable music experience, but in our opinion, the most memorable part about the music on Friday was, hands down, the Forbidden Four set (Excision B2B SVDDEN DEATH B2B Sullivan King B2B Wooli).

Saturday’s lineup continued the trend with standout performances from Bear Grillz and his “Bad News Bears,” Black Tiger Sex Machine, MARAUDA, and Virtual Riot. The music kept the energy high despite the heat, with the crowd dancing and headbanging all day. However, the sound issues during BTSM and Subtronics were a major drawback. Despite these technical problems, the music was the festival’s most strongest point, cementing its place as a top event for bass and dubstep lovers.

Overall: C+

Overall, Forbidden Kingdom 2024 was an unforgettable event with fantastic performances and high-quality production. The heat and organizational issues were significant challenges, but the festival’s immersive elements and community spirit stood out. The unique story, impressive lineup, and production created an exciting and memorable experience.

Improving venue management, especially ventilation and waste disposal, would improve future festivals. Addressing security concerns is also crucial to ensure a safe environment for all attendees. Despite these areas needing improvement, Forbidden Kingdom remains a must-attend event for bass and dubstep fans.

All images courtesy: Insomniac Events




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