Forgetmyname Is On The Move With Two Stellar Singles

Forgetmyname is a talented artist, stepping into the music industry with a bold personality and so much to share! She debuted with “Complex”, a beautiful piece that plays around with alternative pop and dance music fusion. Having grown up around a musical family and performing on stage from a very young age, Nicole, the artist behind Forgetmyname, has created a vibe that is all quite her own. 

Her singles “Complex” and “High” both reflect on the odd nature of love and relationships in a unique way where there’s both disappointment and relief, all wrapped in an energetic, positive beat that will embed itself in the listener’s mind. You are guaranteed to have the time of your life at a party or a late night city drive with these two tracks playing!

Soaring euphoric synths and deeply emotive lyrics make up the melodic yet immersive sound of artist and songwriter Forgetmyname. Leading with a boldly reflective and intimate debut single, the music brings together the vastness and drama of eighties alternative pop with a decidedly contemporary vocal style that’s quick to connect. 

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