Gates of Agartha Crowned “Best New Regional Festival”

Embark on an unparalleled adventure with the award-winning “Gates of Agartha” festival, recently honored as the “Best New Regional Festival“. This two-day odyssey unfolds against the historic Roman quarry, Cave Romane, nestled in the city of Pula and Vinkuran, Croatia, seamlessly blending the past and present while offering attendees a captivating glimpse into the rich history and vibrant culture of the region.

Immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring Istrian Cave Romane, a former Roman quarry that once extracted Istrian limestone for iconic structures like the Colosseum in Rome. Transformed into an extraordinary dance floor, this unique venue stands as a testament to Roman craftsmanship, featuring cutting-edge lighting technology and world-class sound systems.

As part of its commitment to exploring mystical and mythical destinations worldwide, “Gates of Agartha” is the brainchild of the creators behind the successful “Echoes from Agartha” experience in Cappadocia, Türkiye (Turkey). This inaugural event marks the commencement of a new series of destination festivals.

The stellar lineup for the festival includes renowned DJs such as Marco Carola, Damian Lazarus, Dennis Cruz, Chris Stussy, Echonomist, Pablo Panda, The Ace Brothers, and a yet-to-be-revealed special guest. The addition of techno tastemakers Joseph Capriati, Aldo Morro, Lea Kdoch, Marcel b2b Marin Biocic, Mene, and Zoe Dona ensures a diverse musical experience.

Beyond the music, “Gates of Agartha” serves as a showcase for the historical heritage, natural beauty, and tourist potential of Istria and Croatia. In collaboration with the Medulin Tourist Board, the festival aims to captivate both visitors and locals, highlighting Cave Romane, the recipient of the Ambassador award for the best open-air event in Croatia.

With an anticipated attendance of 4,000 partygoers over two days, the festival not only promises a musical extravaganza but also an opportunity to explore the ancient architecture of the historic Roman city. Attendees can indulge in local cuisines and immerse themselves in the vibrant marketplace. The carefully curated experience, coupled with a bespoke projection mapping show in collaboration with the cutting-edge media collective OUCHHH, ensures that “Gates of Agartha” transcends the typical festival experience, offering a statistical and cultural journey where history and innovation collide in a spectacular celebration of art and music.

Here are the official videos for the winning award for “Best New Regional Festival“, below.

Experience the award-winning “Gates of Agartha” festival in Croatia’s historic Cave Romane. Join a musical journey blending history, culture, and top DJs in a mesmerizing setting.

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