Goldie designs graffiti-style t-shirt to raise funds for endangered elephant reserve

Goldie has created an exclusive T-shirt to raise funds to feed elephants at Tree Tops Elephant Reserve in Phuket.

The drum & bass legend has made a graffiti-inspired design emblazoned with his signature to help feed the seven elephants that reside in the Thailand sanctuary.

“By purchasing a Goldie T-shirt, Hoodie or Sweater, the money raised will go directly to buying the daily food supply for our seven elephants for the next six months (or more),” Tree Tops Elephant Reserve said.

Tree Tops opened in October 2019 and is the first ethical elephant sanctuary in the south of Phuket. Since it has been closed since March and relies on tourism for funding, the nature reserve is in desperate need of help.

“We are urgently in need of funding to feed and care for our seven elephants: Nam Gaew, Fah Sai, Lam Poon, Boon Song, Tong Tip, Nam Sook, and Nam Phet. We are realistically looking at 2021 before tourists will return to Phuket and even then, we are unsure of visitor numbers,” the sanctuary said.

You can purchase the “Goldie collection” here.

Earlier this month, Goldie launched a new website and portal to celebrate the 25th anniversary of his groundbreaking drum & bass album ‘Timeless’.

Last year, Goldie talked us through ten tracks from his ‘Drum & Bass Life’ comp. Check it out here.

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