Hardwell Opens Up About His Late Friend Avicii Deeming Him As EDM G.O.A.T.

“was truly unseen in dance music.”

In a recent interview with Apple Music 1’s Zane Lowe , Hardwell, one of the biggest EDM names in the world, opens up about his hectic schedule as a touring DJ and how talented his friend Avicii was as a musician. 

The interview kicks off when the two start talking about Hardwell’s needed break from making music and touring on a constant basis, which led to the Dutch DJ falling out of love with music. It wasn’t the fans nor the concerts, it was the constant flying and sleeping in hotels that made Hardwell burnt out. 

Hardwell took the break away from touring after the passing of his dear friend and fellow megastar DJ Avicii back in 2018. He said, “For me, the death of [Avicii] was definitely the trigger for me to, well, pull the trigger myself, and be like, ‘Yo, I’m taking a break. That’s it. I’m losing one of my friends now,’ and the worst feeling in the world.” Hardwell continued, “There is no way. There is no solution in-between. There is no way you can still tour.”

Hardwell then continued praising his friend, deeming him as one of the best ever, “[Avicii] was the best musician—electronic musician—I’ve ever met. He still is till this day,” Hardwell continued, “You’re never going to convince me there’s someone better in making melodies and chords, and writing such catchy hooks. He knew exactly what he wanted, songwriting, the way the singer should sing, the way he wrote his melodies, his signature in every song, still being super diverse. I learned a lot from him, especially his musical talent.”

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